AnDel Models by AnDel Designs

AnDel Models by AnDel Designs



Welcome to AnDel Models

AnDel Models specialises in producing a selection of garden rail rolling stock, locomotives and accessories to 16mm scale in SM32 and SM45 gauge. We also provide a selection of products from other manufacturers.


The Resin kits and locomotives produced by AnDel Models, follow a unique in-house design. These are cast using high quality Polyurethane resin, with a variety of pigments which provide a pre-coloured and robust model, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

We also provide a new range of laser cut kits and these will be expanded in 2014

Kit assembly is straightforward with easy-to-follow instructions and include wheels and couplings: all that is required is glue, and painting where required.


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New Locomotive Kits; New Parts; New Rolling Stock